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About me:

🚀Production Designer, Artist, and Creative Professional with a passion for Theme Parks, Live Spectacles, and Immersive Experiences.

🎢I have 8+ years experience working with various Themed Entertainment companies to deliver creative design solutions on global thematic projects including theme parks, FECs, dark rides, and mixed-use developments.

📐A diverse range of skills makes me a valuable asset in bringing new ideas, stories, and environments to life, on paper, screen, and in the field! As part of a team I can help ensure that creative intent is properly maintained throughout the life cycle of a project. 

Where am I now?

I recently began a new role as an Environmental Graphic Designer with Walt Disney Imagineering! 


Before that, I worked as a Lead Creative Designer with Adirondack Studios. In my role I've acted as a Lead on numerous themed design projects, liaison between global clients and teams in NY, FL, CA, and Dubai, and collaborate with technical/fabrication teams to create designs both buildable and on budget. Additionally, as the company's first designer in FL I assist our shop and onsite scenic teams. Clients included Universal Creative and Walt Disney Imagineering.

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I live in Orlando FL, and have recently been focusing back on my passions for creating original Visual Artworks, Videos, and Music Compositions.

I have a blast working on these projects, and hope they bring you some inspiration, a laugh, and a smile.


Check out my Artwork Site here: 

Some of the projects I've worked on: (Announced/Opened)

  • Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness | Universal Beijing | Opened 2021

  • Angry Birds: Activity Park | St. Petersburg, Russia | Opened 2015

  • Meow Wolf Convergence Station | Denver, CO | Opened 2021

  • Remy's Ratatouille Adventure | Epcot, WDW FL | Opened 2021

  • Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser | WDW, FL | Opened 2022

  • Doha Quest | Doha, Qatar | Opened 2021

  • USA Pavilion | Expo 2020 Dubai | Opened 2021

  • The Warner Bros. Hotel | Abu Dhabi | Opened 2021

  • Qetaifain Aquatar Waterpark | Qatar | Opening 2022

  • Sea World Abu Dhabi | Opening 2022

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