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Angry Birds: Activity Park
St. Petersburg, Russia | Opened 2015

My Role:

While working at Jack Rouse Associates, this was one of the projects I was heavily involved in, from the conceptual through schematic design phase. The park opened in 2015, and is located in Europolis Mall, St. Petersburg, Russia.

My responsibilities included:

  • Adhering to IP brand and style guides, to properly design a variety of signage, mural illustrations, and large format vector graphic elements.

  • Working in sync with the team to assemble a schematic set; properly scaled, dimensioned, and annotated using CADtools for Ai, Sketchup, and AutoCAD.

  • Developing a variety of IP themed exhibits/play-stations to a schematic level, by producing cross-sections, plans, and colored elevations. 

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Completed Project Photos:

Entry Marquee Design:

My task was to design an entry marquee, working with the existing facility at the Europolis Mall.  It had to be designed to properly mount/secure to a glass curtain wall, create a sense of presence to draw guests into the experience, and adhere to IP-holder's style guides.

Preshow Ship Design:

My task was to draft an “Angry Birds” style ship that would house a pre-show media experience for the Activity Park. Guests would enter from the ticketing hallway into the shipʼs rear, watch a 4D film transporting them from Russia to the Angry Birds Universe, then exit into the parkʼs main hub. My challenges were to include enough seating to hit capacity, handicap accessible, BOH space, fit within existing facility constraints.

Birthday Party Rooms:

The client wanted four party rooms to be included on the second level of the activity park. My task was to design concepts on how to lightly theme these rooms on a budget. I designed two of the rooms to be based around the “Bird” characters, and two based around the “Pig” characters. Working from CAD plans, I drew up wall elevations in order to develop full scale vector graphics to be printed and applied. The rooms also included stacked printed character flats, custom “slingshot” cabinet knobs, and TV monitor shrouds.