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Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness
Universal Studios Beijing | Opened 2021

"Enter into an ancient land, a land of legendary beauty, a Land of Awesomeness! From the fragrant aroma of Mr. Ping’s Noodle House to a hero’s journey with the Dragon Warrior himself, the Valley of Peace is a wonder for all to see and experience! Find your inner Kung Fu master and join the Festival of Heroes today!"

My scope of work included many of the scenic elements in following areas:

The Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, Carousel of Kung Fu Heroes, Lanterns of Legendary Legends, and Po's Kung Fu Training Camp.

My Role:

Working with our team at Adirondack Studios, I lead the production design of many thematic elements throughout this massive, indoor theme park land. This included creating new designs, refining existing ones, and providing many design solutions all with the end goal of aiding the fabrication of large scale showset elements, props, graphics and signage. I acted as a liaison between Universal's project team (art directors, producers, PMs), Adirondack's team in NY, and the fabrication teams in Asia, to ensure the creative intent of the IP holder (Dreamworks) was properly maintained when finalizing designs and throughout the project's life cycle.

My responsibilities included:

  • Concept design, art, and sketches for client review and approvals.

  • 3D modeling for design, production, and coordination of architectural elements and themed spaces.

  • Detail design and color/finish identification drawings.

  • Signage and print-ready graphic designs. (Show graphics and dimensional graphics.)

  • Coordination/meetings between ADKS and Universal Beijing teams in NY, FL, and China.

  • Internal design leadership and delegation of tasks to complete 4 detail design packages.

Scroll down for photos and designs!

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Completed Project Photos:

Design Work:

(Gallery Under Construction)

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