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The WB Hotel.jpeg

The Warner Bros. Hotel
Abu Dhabi | Opened 2021

My Role:

Working with our team at Adirondack Studios, I worked on the design of several major thematic elements throughout the new WB Hotel, which opened in 2021. This included an overhead "floating script" sculpture in The Director's Club restaurant, a prop luggage cart filled with the bags of well known Warner Bros. IP characters, and coolest of all a 1:1 replica of the Batmobile from the latest Batman film. *All fabrication was done by ADKS Dubai.

My responsibilities included:

  • My responsibilities included:

  • Design intent and concept development.

  • 3D modeling for design and production. 

  • Color and Finish identification.

  • Audio/Video animatic for SFX sequencing and presentation.

  • Coordination/meetings between ADKS teams in NY, CA, and Dubai.

Scroll down for photos and designs!

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Completed Project Photos:

Design Work:

SFX Animatic WIP Video: (Adobe Photoshop & Premiere)

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